What’s Happening in the Community
Here are the main news sources within Waycross.


Waycross Journal-Herald

According to Waycross-Ware County historians, the origin of today’s paper and Web editions of the Waycross Journal-Herald can be traced back to the first newspaper published in Waycross in 1876.
It changed ownership many times until it finally merged with the publication of The Reporter in 1888. In October of 1895, the first issue of The Waycross Journal came off the press. Although it was a weekly, it was successful. Its changed hands in 1904 when the Williams took over. At this time, The Waycross Journal was a semi-weekly newspaper. In 1911, The Waycross Journal became a daily morning newspaper and in 1914, the Waycross Evening Herald and the Waycross Daily Journal were consolidated to form the Waycross Journal-Herald.



In February 25th 2009 the yourWARElocal.com community website was started by Derek Harrison, the owner of serva creative website design, based in Waycross. Originally from England, Derek wanted to create a website that the whole community would use with everything they would want in one location. Due to its popularity it also became available as yourPEIRCElocal.com and later in 2009 and early 2010 the websites have now included the several other local surrounding counties.
The aim of the websites are to bring the community together and to promote local business and encourage ‘buy local’.


Waycross Radio

We have 3 local stations, ‘the Kub’ WKUB 105.1, ‘the Wolf’ WWUF 97.7 and the new WSGP 107.1. owned and run by Mattox Broadcasting. Troy Mattox started these with ‘the Wolf’, back in 1979 and aims to offer something for everyone.



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