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Waycross Ware County GA

Waycross – the early days

Conflicting tales exist concerning the naming of Waycross, Georgia but almost all center on the railroad. One recounts a meeting Dr. Daniel Lott, one of our founders, Major Henry Haines, Superintendent of the Savannah Railroad and Mr. B. F. Allen, editor of “The Georgian”, a local newspaper.

The City of Waycross

The regional crossroads and destination that offers small town charm while providing big city opportunities.

Our Mission – We provide the professional staff and supervision necessary to deliver superior municipal services to our community.

Ware County Georgia

Ware County, Georgia has an interesting and intriguing history. Named for a state senator who never visited the area, Ware County grew out of the wilderness of southeastern Georgia. Through the toils and labor of colony-like settlements of people, who eked out a living in a backwoods wasteland, Ware County became renowned for its industry, commerce and natural habitat.

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